Sunset Reflections

Tidepools at Sunset on Lana'i
Tidepools at sunset on the Hawaiian Island of Lana'i

Recently on Go Visit Hawaii, I asked readers to share their favorite thing about Hawaii. One of the most frequent responses was the sunsets. So, that’s got me wondering why are we so enamored with sunsets?

Wherever Andy and I travel, we like to know when the sun sets and if there’s a scenic spot to watch this daily event.ย  Why do we schedule our evening vacation activities around sunset? Is it the unexpected magical colors? Is it the reminder that we live on a planet so wonderfully set in motion by the Creator?

Do you also make time in your travel plans for sunsets? If so, why are you attracted to them?

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5 replies on “Sunset Reflections”

I think for us, it’s a pair of reasons:

1) We don’t take the time during our non-vacation days to stop and enjoy the sunset, so it feels more like vacation when we can stop and watch.

2) It has something to do with water. Don’t know why, but maybe it’s because we’re mainly landlocked here in the Midwest.

To elaborate on the 2nd point, even when we go up to Door County, WI, which is essentially one giant peninsula, we’ll try to make a point of being on the west side so we can watch the sun dip over whatever bay we happen to be by.

When we visit Cindy’s family in Iowa, there is no water, so we don’t really think twice about it and just carry on without it.

Perhaps the west coast folks feel differently since they always have the ocean in their backyard come sundown. I do know that many folks I converse with on Maui often take the time out of their day to stop and enjoy the sunset no matter where they are, so in their case I guess it’s not just about being on vacation.

Hi Kris,

You make some excellent points.

I’ve honestly struggled to put my finger on why we like sunsets. That’s why I posed the many questions. Thank you for providing some well-thought answers!

I never get tired of sunsets. I’ve been too busy to shoot them enough lately, but I do whenever I get the chance. Why? Because most of the time, getting up early enough to shoot sunrises is much more difficult. ๐Ÿ™‚

Something about sunset makes me calm and peaceful…. especially the Maui Sunset. It’s like God’s work of art – every sunset is different. The colors, the hues, the setting. As you know, I take a lot of photos of Maui Sunset, and I’ve taken photos of people watching the sunset. The faces of these people watching the sunset are very interesting to look at – all with deep thoughts yet they look peaceful …

Ahhh, it’s hard for me to specifically say the reasons why I like sunsets .. . but I am glad you asked ๐Ÿ™‚

@ Peter – yeah that sunrise thing can be a bit too early sometimes. ๐Ÿ™‚ I agree that seeing sunset never gets tiring.

@ Liza – what in interesting observation that you’ve noticed that sunset makes people feel at peace. That’s awesome!

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